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  • 1. The Ability To Leverage On The Productivity Of Others
  • 2. Time and Money Freedom
  • 3. Residual Income
  • 4. Unlimited Income
  • 5. Company Recognition & Bonus Perks

In this blog post, I intend to show you, the reader, the 5 advantages network marketing has over affiliate marketing. Most persons new to Internet Marketing often get confused between the two styles of marketing, but those differences shall be explained in detail.

There has been many a debate over the differences between affiliate & network marketing, but in the final analysis, it comes down to user preference. Some marketers just want to get the sale, be paid and go home. This is affiliate marketing in simple terms.

Some marketers prefer to not only get the sale, but they also seek to create a small army of marketers like themselves (net workers). This smaller army of workers will be able to cover more ground. With duplication, earnings then become residual.

They will also make sales and the net-worker stands to make considerably more using this model.

1.What is Affiliate Marketing?

Differences Between Affiliate & Network Marketing
5 Advantages Network Marketing Has Over Affiliate Marketing

In being an affiliate marketer, the goal of the person using this style is simply to promote a product or products to an audience of buyers. The products are not the property of the marketer involved.

He is simply interested in selling the product of a vendor, and from the sales that come from his marketing efforts, that affiliate is paid a percentage which is called a commission.

If the affiliate is able to generate more sales, the more his commissions will be from those sales. It can be seen from the image above, the affiliate puts the ad of the vendor on his website which attracts visitors daily.

The visitors see the ad, clicks on the ad with the intent to buy. The order is tracked and once the sale has been completed the vendor then pays the the affiliate his commission.

The affiliate will often use various methods to attract buyers for the products he is peddling, one such method being email marketing.

E-mail marketing is a strategy that affiliate marketers use to build their audience of prospective buyers whom they will at some point in the future be expose to the products they are selling and hopefully make sales.

Affiliate Marketing is often described as a “me” income exercise. This means that the affiliate only has himself as the one source contributing to his income, and has to work harder to generate as much sales as he can to make the entire exercise worthwhile.

Let’s take a look now at Network Marketing.

2.What is Network Marketing?

network marketing
5 Advantages Network Marketing Has Over Affiliate Marketing

In Network Marketing or MLM ( Multi Level Marketing) the person using this business model to build wealth will find it the more lucrative choice of the two platforms here discussed. This is because in the networking environment you are building a business for yourself, but not by yourself.

What Is Network Marketing Essentially?

Network marketing is aligning yourself with an MLM company, using the company’s products and sharing the benefits of such use.

Many of the persons that you share the benefits with are family members or close friends.

Network Marketing involves speaking to the same prospects as those of affiliate marketing with the view to asking them to join you in your business venture.

The Differences With Network Marketing:

Time & Money Freedom

As with Network Marketing, you’ll make money based on the number of persons you can recruit to join your team, and in the successful retailing of the company’s products.

Network marketing has several perks that you won’t find with Affiliate Marketing. One of these perks is earning more residual styled income.

Because your team grows in size and they duplicate your efforts, you as the marketer are then promoted to established ranks within the organization.

When you advance in the ranks your possible income can increase you are now rewarded and promoted for building the company.

Both Forms of Marketing Discussed In More Detail

Team Effort Vs Me Effort

The reason so many gravitate towards Network Marketing is because with this business model, your ability to earn does not rely on your personal efforts only, but on the overall efforts of your team.

Income from Network marketing however comes when a marketer personally enrolls new associates and the collective volume of both marketer and his team generate their collective incomes.

This residual income created through a team effort, is often rewarded by the MLM company by its associates being compensated with car bonuses or exotic trips around the world.

5 Advantages Network Marketing Has Over Affiliate Marketing

This Comes Down To Individual Preference

As you can see, anyone with an aptitude to work and work hard can make a successful go at any of the two platforms. While Affiliates tend to prefer short term or a quicker approach to an online income, some still prefer to network.

The affiliate style of marketing cannot in all circumstances beat the income one can make with Network Marketing over the long haul. Affiliates can only earn based on their individual efforts and no more. This is why so many more lean to networking.

Cold Market vs Warm Market

Since your target audience may be derived mostly from visitors to your website, it is those same visitors who may click on the adverts on your site. This audience is mostly what we call “cold market” as they are unknown to the affiliate marketer.

In Network Marketing, your initial target audience comes from friends, family, and colleagues known as your warm market.

The target audience can sometimes come from other outside sources similar to affiliate marketing.

This style however favors a more structured relationship styled method of attracting prospects.


Advantages of Network Marketing

These are some of the differences shown that exist between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing. Evidence shows that in Network Marketing you can expect the following advantages.

  • No Inventory
  • Low Overhead & Low Start Up Cost
  • No Employees
  • No Special Degrees
  • Unlimited Income
  • Time & Money Freedom
  • Tax Advantages
  • The Ability To Leverage
  • Team Income vs Me Income

Although Affiliate Marketing readily offers some of the above listed perks, from those very examples above, Network Marketing is the better choice.

These are the major differences when it comes down to it between the advantages or difference between the affiliate marketing model against the Network Marketing model. Network Marketing easily wins.

Affiliate Marketing programs do sometimes offer High Ticket sales. These can put you in the “Six Figure” earning bracket pretty quickly, once you apply yourself while taking massive action.

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this post. I will leave you recommendations on the Tools & Opportunities page of worthwhile Affiliate offers and Legit MLM companies you can explore.

5 Advantages Network Marketing Has Over Affiliate Marketing

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