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Most online marketers today are finding new and innovative ways to get their content out in front of millions who surf the web daily. Blogging is one of the platforms used and I’m going to give you 5 reasons you should start blogging with the hope of getting new leads for your business, and fans loyal to your brand.

This is by no means an easy task, but is essentially one of the reasons why having control of your own unique content on your own website is a good idea. I’m going to give you 5 reasons you should start blogging and you’ll soon discover blogging is the best way to solve those problems you might encounter while navigating your online journey. So here are the 5 reasons you should start blogging.

5 Reasons You Should Start Blogging

5 reasons you should start blogging - The Friendly Marketer
5 reasons you should start blogging – The Friendly Marketer

1. Your Blog Is Your Own.

Blogging is unique because the content being produced belongs to you, the author of the blog. While material being censored has raised some concern, it should be noted that any content you put on your blog is your own. Total control over the content being produced rests with the blogger and he or she will have the last say in whatever happens to it.

When you have a blog , it’s like a piece of internet real estate. Only you can determine what the real estate is going to be used for, if,when and where. You are in the driver’s seat, the captain of your own ship.

5 reasons you should start blogging
5 reasons you should start blogging – The Friendly Marketer

It is also good to note that with your own blog, the leads generated, as you build your mailing list are yours. This is a great way to obtain free traffic and leads.

The potential customers created from within your mailing list are all yours. Those who visit your blog, will eventually buy from you as they get to know you. Once they like what they see and you are consistent in your content and offers, they will move from potential to actual customers.

So reason #1 of the 5 reasons you should start blogging is that any and all content derived from your blog belongs to you, the originator of the content.

2. You Are In Control.

5 reasons you should start blogging
5 reasons you should start blogging – The Friendly Marketer

Never forget this important point. Always remember, you are in control. With other content providers, there is competition with several other persons all wanting visibility . This is so especially if you are using video and social media.

Algorithms usually favor the pieces of content with the most engagement. Why? Because these pieces of content can cause visitors to stick around longer on your site. This becomes a plus for your blog.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others reward you when your content keeps visitors glued to your posts. They do this because your posts keeps viewers on their sites longer. Does that boost your awareness? Of course it does.

It can boost awareness of you, but you don’t control the content. So you can’t even get your visitors to do or go where you’d want them to do next as they aren’t on your site.

Now when they are on your very own blog site, you are KING. You can direct them to wherever you want them to go, maybe see or even buy. It’s all up to you. All you have to do is to wave your wand. You are in control.

3. Your Blog Is A Lead Generation Tool.

When you have your own blog, and are using specific strategies to drive traffic to your blog, you will get visitors. You’ll also get people attracted to what you are offering. These become repeat visitors, and then eventually customers.

LEADS - 5 reasons you should start blogging

Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram also provide your blog with a steady stream of visitors. Sharing your posts on social media with the relevant links to your site also boosts your visits.

Once you have turned those visitors into leads, this process can be repeated for as long as your blog is up and running. All you have to do is to keep posting fresh and engaging content.

The traffic and leads your blog generates are all yours. In fact, this is actually some of the best free traffic you can pull from the internet. And all coming due to your blog.

4. Your Blog Positions You As An Authority.

Authority - 5 reasons you should start blogging

Having considered what goes into creating a successful blog, the blogger is seen as an expert. With components like domains, hosting, wordpress etc., building your blog website will position you as an authority.

Upon visiting your blog, visitors will form their opinions based on the depth of your content. The level of research you have done, will be shown by way of links to other sources of similar content. This leads to more engagement on your blog hereby establishing yourself as an authority.

In your visitors’ eyes, once your content is satisfying their needs, so you become the authority. To them you are the brains, the one with all the knowledge to guide and direct them. When your content is out there and folks find it valuable, then you will be seen as an authority. One more of the 5 reasons you should start blogging.

5. Your Blog Helps You Build Relationships.

Relationships. 5 reasons you should start blogging

Through your Brand, your Blog, and your Content, people will learn about you. As a result of this exposure by your blog to visitors from all walks of life, your credibility will be established.

Think of the many people you might not have met or might not have become members of your team because you did not have a thriving Blog to attract them in the first place.

As your publicity increases and you are seen as someone genuinely interested in serving the needs of others before your own, your fan base will astronomically increase. Be always a marketer of vision and servitude and you will never lack for business.


I have shared with you 5 reasons you should start blogging. I hope this article has given you insight which will help you as you start your own blog.

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