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Anyone pursuing a career in the Internet Marketing arena today must be first and foremost a problem solver. If you will make sales then you must be able to solve problems. Here are 5 rules you must observe to succeed in sales.

5 rules you must observe to succeed in salesqualifying your prospects is rule #1

Qualify your prospects If You Will Succeed In Sales – Rule #1

Qualifying is the process by which you can find out if a lead is indeed a potential prospect. A prospect is one who could easily become a customer.

Since your goal is to make a sale, then the qualification process will save you time as it ensures you are speaking to a suitable prospect.

5 rules you must observe to succeed in sales

One of the things that qualifying a prospect will immediately tell you is if they have money. In this way you’ll know if it makes sense to continue the interview.

Rule #2. Verify that the prospect has money

Establishing a lead’s ability to buy is usually first on the salesperson’s qualifying questionnaire. In the event that the prospect does not have money then the process of seeking to get a sale becomes a fruitless exercise.

A lead’s interest in a product might tell you that they might want to purchase at some time. So the sales rep’s job, is to determine whether the lead has the funds to buy, and whether he or she choose to buy.

The prospect can easily be evaluated as to his intention to purchase, by seeking to find out his ability to make decisions. This leads to the next rule.

Be sure that the prospect is a decision maker – Rule #3

To learn whether a prospect is the type with the ability to make decisions can be a frustrating task. Sometimes the prospects can get upset at the many questions.

5 rules you must observe to succeed in sales

This is where the sales person has to justify the reason for the questions in a way that shows the prospect that his or her satisfaction is all that matters.

The sales rep could easily point out that the reason for the many questions was to make sure that the prospect is getting exactly what they wanted to purchase. This takes the sales rep to a delicate area of the process.

Rule#4. Extract your prospects pain if you are to succeed in your sales process

A deeper level of qualifying will determine how interested the prospect is.

asking questions is vital and necessary if you want to achieve success in your sales. This is one of the 5 rules you must follow to succeed in sales.
extract your prospects pain by asking questions – 5 rules you must observe to succeed in sales

The amount of money he can spend on a purchase and whether there are any other impediments can also cause pain factors. 

The key is to identify the prospects pain points or problem areas. Sales reps will find out things like what is causing the prospect’s hesitancy to commit to purchase.

They dig deep to discover any underlying problem the lead might want relief from.

Once you are able to quickly identify a lead’s pain point then a solution can be provided. When a solution is provided the prospect is then happy.

Matching your product or service to the prospect’s pain is vital to success in your sales- Rule #5

Leading a prospect through what is causing him his pain, can provide a viable solution, then you can offer your product.

one thing you must do if you will succeed in sales is to match your product or offer to that which fits the customer's need
matching your product or offer to the customer’s needs is one of 5 rules you must observe to succeed in sales

By being able to match your product as the solution required, then the prospect knows what you are selling is just what will solve his dilema.


These are 5 rules you must observe in order to succeed in sales. Implement these guidelines and your sales volume should notably increase. Also consider reading this article as it can also offer insights as to how you can achieve future success.

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