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Blogging is a sure proven method utilized to amplify your brand. Blogging requires a person to initially get a cyber (domain) name and a hosting platform.
This is followed by making a vehicle for the blog, for example, WordPress. I will now give you 5 tips on how to start blogging and actually stick with it.

When this is accomplished, the blogger can set out on an adventure of configuring content that will bring value to visitors of that blog.
Let’s check out those 5 tips on how to start blogging and actually stick with it.

1. Figure a Reason

Blogging requires exactness and an earlier arrangement. It is vital to settle on the points you will blog about. Understand your present moment and long term blogging objectives concerning the points you will expound on.

Have an unmistakable reason that expresses what you expect to compose during the initial stages of your blogging career just as well as for the remainder of the blogging time frame.

2. Make Quality Visual Content

The photos, images and any other graphics that you choose to incorporate into your blogging endeavors, can either undermine or magnify your blogging attempts.

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You should have unique images and photos that make your posts stand out, and be counted. In order to achieve high quality visual images, you could solicit the services of an expert in graphics. Fiverr is an avenue that could be explored or for high quality images, Pexels is another but free option.

3. Build An Email List

Making and expanding a mailing list assumes a major job in comparable measure when beginning and supporting blogging. A mailing list empowers a blogger to get to the inboxes of loyal followers and potential guests.

This is done by enabling a subscription service. The service invites visitors to join a newsletter or mailing list of the blogger, to be notified of future content release dates.

Building An Email List – The Friendly Marketer

The mailing list also facilitates generating traffic for the new blog as opposed to entirely depending on search engines, like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

4. Blog Regularly

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Making a specialty in your blogging attempt requires consistency. You can’t blog today and then be missing for several months. If you want to maintain and attract new followers over and over again you must blog regularly.

In order to sustain this level of consistency which will cause you to appear on search engines, you have to write a couple of posts in a month.

5. Merge Other Social Network Stages

Blogging successfully involves sharing your content through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Sharing the blog posts with your network of followers through these platforms guarantees distribution to other individuals.

In turn the cycle is repeated as the followers followers also become included when posts are shared. This increases traffic for your blog by attracting more and more visitors to your blogging platform.


Your blog plays a much bigger role through monetization. When your blog is properly setup to make you money on demand, this could be one of the best reasons you could find yourself sticking to the task of blogging. I shall explore this feature in a future post. Stay Tuned!

How to Generate $250-$500 payments multiple times a day

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