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If one of your goals for the next year is to increase the number of hits which your blog attracts on a daily basis, simply continue reading to discover six smart ways to effectively promote your blog in 2020.

Create multiple social media accounts to promote your blog:

It’s well worth creating a Facebook account, an Instagram account and a Twitter account
in order to drive traffic to your blog.

As an example, each time that you publish a brand new post on your blog,
you’ll be able to publish engaging social media posts about your new blog post,
which will feature a direct link to your blog post.

In order to gain a following for your blog’s social media accounts,
remember to post eye-catching, exciting content on a regular basis.

Use SEO keywords to improve your blog’s search engine ranking:

seo keywords are a great tool to improve your blogs reach and searchability by search engines. This is one of 6 ways you can use to promote your blog in 2020.
6 ways to promote your blog in 2020

Ideally when individuals search for a blog in your niche,
your blog will appear in the first page of their search engine results.

As the average individual is highly unlikely to go through a second page of search results
and will likely click on one of the first three blogs which they are linked to.

To be able to use SEO to your advantage, it’s well worth conducting research to discover the top searched for key words in your blog’s niche.

Hire guest bloggers to drive traffic to your blog:

one other way you can improve promoting your blog in 2020 would be to hire guest bloggers to feature articles on your blog
6 ways to promote your blog in 2020 – Hire guest bloggers

You may want to consider hiring notable guest bloggers who have their own following,
who will be able to create blog posts for your blog, which will drive traffic to your blog.

As an example, you may want to hire an extremely successful blogger in your niche to write occasional blog posts for your blog.

Just be sure to be selective when it comes to hand picking guest bloggers for your blog.

As ideally you want to pay for the services of a talented guest blogger who has a sizeable following, who they’ll be able to direct to the blog posts which they write for your blog.

Hear what Neil Patel has to say on what guest blogging can do to improve your visibility on the web – 6 ways to promote your blog in 2020

Regularly live stream on social media in order to promote your latest blog post:

One way to quickly capture individuals attention is to live stream on your blog’s social media accounts in order to attract your social media followers’ attention.

live streaming about your blog using your social media platforms is a sure way to get eyeballs on your content. It is indeed one sure way to promote your blog
Live Streaming to promote your blog is a great way to capture an audience – photo compliments of

As an example, you may want to give a sneak preview of the engaging, informative content which individuals will be able to find in your latest blog post.

So once you have a decent number or individuals who follow your blog’s Instagram and Facebook pages,
it’s well worth setting up regular live streams, in order to connect with your fans and to drive direct traffic to your latest blog post.

Make sure that each of your blog posts features a direct link to one of your previous blog posts:

One effective way to ensure that visitors to your blog, end up reading several of your blog posts,
instead of a single blog post, is to post a link to a blog post with a similar subject matter
at the end of each of your new blog posts.

6 Ways To Promote Your Blog In 2020 1

As an example, if you were to run a travel blog and you planned to post a new blog post about a cruise that you enjoyed, you may want to post a link to a previous blog post about a different cruise company at the bottom of your new blog post.

As it’s highly likely that readers who are interested in finding out information about cruising, will be easily convinced to click on your link.

Guest write posts for other popular blogs in your blog’s niche:

Another way to promote your blog to individuals who are part of your blog’s target audience, is to write guest posts for popular blogs in your blog’s particular niche.

As an example, if you run an investment blog, you can gain credibility for your own blog
by regularly writing guest posts for respected investment blogs, which already boast a significant following.

As you’ll be able to link your blog at the end of each of your guest posts.


So if your primary goal for your blog is to drive traffic to your blog and to increase your readership stats,
it’s definitely well worth following all of the highly effective tips which have been outlined above.

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