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One of the most important aspects of building your own or any business for that matter is the professional invitation. I’m going to take you through the 7 steps to a professional invitation (for any business success).

Detach Yourself From The Outcome

As you go about building your business, you’ll soon get to realize it’s all about the invite. It comes down to those initial opening words or phrases you lead with to get your prospect’s attention.

Detaching oneself from any outcome whether positive or negative can be as easy as pulling out a plug from another socket.
7 steps to a professional invitation (for any business success).

But even more important from the opening words that you lead with is having the correct mindset in dealing with the outcome of that initial conversation. Let me explain further.

You have got to approach your business with the mindset that while what you may expose the best products to your prospective customers, they in turn need not buy if they choose not to. This is what professional invitations often come up against.

The problem then for most new business owners is that they become emotionally put off by the lack of interest in their offer and by what they perceive as a negative response to their obvious incredible product.

The key to remember here is that you are merely giving a professional invitation to someone see your offer.

“How dare they refuse,” is more than likely the thought that runs through a marketer’s head when he meets with a “no, not interested.” But whether the prospect does or doesn’t have an interest in what you are selling should not evoke such an emotional reaction.

It’s not about you. It’s about the value you bring to the table. Some will see it and some won’t. Move on. Let’s hear what advice Jill Celeste has to offer in her video “Detach Yourself From The Outcome.”

7 Steps To A Professional Invitation (For Your Business) – Detach Yourself From The Income

7 Steps To A Professional Invitation – Share The Information:

If you are going to be good at inviting then there are some skill sets you will want to hone and polish for maximum effect. For starters, understand that you have information to share. So you’ll have to speak to people.

Build Your List:

The first thing I would recommend is that you start with a list of all the people you know that you would want to speak to. Make a list of at least a hundred persons. Don’t prejudge or leave anyone out. Include everyone you know.

Then Share the Information To Your Prospects:

Next, you will need to identify the top 25 to 50 persons on your list. There will be some that will pop out, that you can identify would more than likely give you a listening ear.

Sharing the information with your list is not only necessary but must convey excitement on your part and you must be specific.
One of the 7 steps to a professional invitation involves sharing information

Now remember as you start to make your calls to your list, to emotionally detach yourself from any outcomes whether positive or negative. Watch the video above again if necessary. The more you talk to prospects the better you become at inviting.

In sharing your information about your opportunity, be brief, be specific and most of all be excited. Stay excited as a marketing colleague of mine would always say. This brings me now to the third step.

Compliment Your Prospect Sincerely:

when it comes to the 7 steps to a professional invitation for any business success you have to sincerely compliment your prospect as a means to opening the door to their trust and being made to feel relaxed enough to want to join your opportunity.
7 steps to a professional invitation (for any business success)

As you are conversing with your prospect, be sincere. Remember, you are not only sharing information, but rather allowing the prospect to understand your genuine interest in them as a personal friend based on what you have always admired about them.

As a result it is no wonder that you have selected them as someone with whom you would want to share your proposal as you believe it is something they could benefit from and would want to hear about it and not be left out.

Complimenting your prospect & Doing The Invitation – Script

“Hi Judy, I’m so glad I caught you! I don’t have a lot of time , but I wanted to call you because I have something super exciting & important that just came cross my desk and I immediately thought of you because you’re super energetic and everyone that knows you, including myself, also knows just how awesome you are…. I think you’re gonna want to see what I saw. How soon can you etch out say 20 mins and meet up me? You gotta see this!”

More tips here:

Asking The Invitation Question:

Now that you have your prospect equally excited about your proposal, ask the question. What you are looking to do here is to take your prospect now to a higher level so they can actually see what your proposal is all about. You can see from the script just above I complimented my prospect and flowed right into the invitation.

the invitation where you actually are now seeking to get your prospect to see or learn more about your proposal is easy once you have been following the steps carefully up to this point. You are now taking them a step closer to your goal for them.
7 steps to a professional invitation – Asking The Invitation Question

In addition to asking your prospect or inviting them to see more of what you are offering, you can also at this stage if you like, give them what I like to call a pre-qualification exercise.

Please note that though the invitation I used above was for a physical meet up, it also gave me the chance to then issue a more formal invitation to see what I was so excited about.

Done in this way where you get the prospect to meet with you first can also serve as a pre-qualification of sorts. Here’s what I mean.

As you do your invitation to meet with you, when that meeting occurs, you are not only going to share information off the cuff, rather you might want to have your prospect watch a live presentation or just a overview video at a later date as well.

Additionally, if they do make time to meet with you first, then give them some homework which provides a deeper understanding of your material, so they can take it with them to learn more.

With that you are set to go into your next step which would be to get them to commit to watching what you have shared with them and set the stage for future follow up.

Get Their Commitment To Watch Or Attend Your Presentation:

when your prospect commits to watching your presentation, while that is a great accomplishment, you are not home yet.
Getting a commitment from your prospect to watch your presentation is a huge step for some

Getting your prospect to watch your video overview or watching a Zoom call showcasing the information is a major step. So you can’t pull punches here. You must get their commitment to watch the material you send them.

But that’s not all. If you decide to invite them to a live physical presentation, then you not only have to get them to commit to attending, but you should also accompany them as well. This shows your prospect that they are not alone having to figure everything out on their own.

Confirm Follow Up Time:

Now comes one of the most interesting of the steps presented so far. Assuming you have invited your prospect to watch a video or live online presentation, follow up is necessary.

When you have done your invitation and gotten the commitment of your prospect to actually look at the information you directed them to, you now need to ensure they actually did what you told them to do and hence the reason for the follow up.

whatever you do don't forget to follow up with your prospects. Once you have invited and have gotten them to commit to watching your presentation, you need to get back in touch to make sure they not only saw what you wanted them to see, but now you need to close the deal. That's where the follow up comes.
Step 6 is a very critical step and not to be forgotten

This is what the follow up is all about. So it would go some thing like this. I’m going to go through a short script here to give you an idea.

Getting prospect’s commitment to watch & your follow up time – Script:

“Hi Judy, I’m going to send you a link to view a live presentation which does a better job than I could, in explaining the information and opportunity I shared with you just now. Do you have time that you can watch it now?”

“Sure David, I have time now. Send it over.”

“Cool. I’ll send it right away. It’s about ten (10) minutes long, and I’m going to call you in fifteen (15) minutes after I hang up, to see what you thought about what you saw. Is that Okay?”

“Sure. No problem at all.”

“Great Judy. Now I believe you may also have some questions. Is it okay if we have one of my business associates on the call with us? He’s very knowledgeable and I would love for you to meet him. He can also answer any questions you may have.”

“That’s really thoughtful of you David. I don’t mind.”

“Excellent Judy. I’ll call you in 15 mins then. That should give you enough time to watch the video and then we can chat further. I’ll call you in 15 mins. Talk to you in a little while…..”

So a very important step to a professional Invitation for any business is not to forget or overlook the follow up….

Get Off The Phone:

After you have spoken to your prospect and set the follow up call time, then it is time to get off the phone. Your work is done. This is the last step of seven steps to a professional invitation.
7 steps to a professional invitation (for any business success)

Once you have gotten your information across, you have made your invitation and you have gotten your prospect to take a look at your information, get off the phone as quickly and politely as possible. But don’t click out the phone in your prospect’s ear.

No that would not be very good for business success. I’m just saying that you have to know when to shut up already.

You don’t need to be on the phone anymore. Your mission is completed. You have carried out all 7 steps to a professional invitation for any business and all that is left is for the 3 way call that takes place in your actual follow up when it takes place.

Conclusion – 7 Steps To A Professional Invitation (For Any Business Success)

So i do hope that this post serves to help you as you embark on your internet marketing endeavors. It is vital to note that the examples listed above while they can be used for any business, are more often employed with a network marketing business model. Learn more about network marketing HERE.

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