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When I first entered the online arena, with the idea of making a second income from the Internet, little did I know it would involve so much learning and offtimes frustration.

I made up in my mind that I would not only succeed, but I would also position myself to teach teach others what I learnt & in so doing, help them make the transition to earning an online income far easier than it had been for me.

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My Story

During the month of December 2013, I found myself in the rather uncomfortable position of being homeless. If it were just me I would have taken it in stride, but I had a wife to take care of.

I remembered a lady owing me some money and having up to this point refused to pay, I struck a deal. She had plenty of room and I was allowed to occupy a room at her home until the debt had been paid.

It was there that I began thinking about getting a second income stream but from where was my dilemna. Then one evening while watching my wife amuse herself playing games on Facebook, the idea struck me. Why not use the Internet to make money?!

Thus began my journey. I started searching the Internet, looking for ways to earn a living, but it seemed so far above my head. There was so much to learn and I wasn’t quite sure where to begin.

I met Richard Stahler in January of 2014 and we hit it off right away. Rick was a down to earth guy and he was impressed with my determination to learn and to reach my desired goals.

I then went into a couple programs with Rick and had my first taste of making money online. Rick gave me the basic foundational education I needed, pointing me to the books I would need to read and the mindset to adopt if I were to become a success.

Let me fastforward here as this is not my biography (smile). I adopted certain skills, began following whom I considered to be the leaders of the day. All the while I was doing this and being exposed to all types of programs, I was making money, but still not having that breakthrough moment.

I ended up having to leave the comfort of that small room where my wife and I hadd been staying, because sometimes people get jealous when they see you are beginning to make strides.

We ended up going from place to place , never staying long enough to be properly settled and even was living in our car at one point. Well I was sleeping in the car and my wife on the floor of a “friend’s” living room. 

But all that is behind us now. I’ve come a long way, learnt quite a lot, made quite a bit of money too as I was learning and now it’s time to share my knowledge and hopefully Inspire and Encourage others to realize their full and true potential in life.

My name is David Jones. As long as I’ve known myself, I’ve tried to treat others how I myself would welcome being treated. I elected to Brand myself in a way that spoke to my character and would naturally create an environment where people would want to approach me even if just out of curiosity. I believe I have found my true calling.  Thank You. 

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. – Zig Ziglar

David Jones aka The Friendly Marketer

David Jones aka The Friendly Marketer

Internet Marketer | Supreme Court Marshal

Hi, David here again. Over to the left, you’ll see my story. It’s not spectacular, but it’s true. Here I’m just giving you a little more detail about myself that I didn’t mention in the story that might be useful in your getting to know me.

I’m happily married to Julie (celebrating my 10th anniversary soon), no children but still contented. Professionally, I’m a Supreme Court Marshal.

I’m from Barbados, West Indies. Lived here all my life. I love the Internet and being creative. I love to help people and I know that I have been called to serve. Thanks for taking the time to stop by. 

About Me 2

“Value and Trust are so key in Networking and Business. David Jones went far above and beyond what I expected and was so helpful & genuine to me!”

About Me 3

Why Work With Me?

Good question. Well I believe that you need someone who has been there and who would have gone through what you’re more than likely experiencing right now. The frustration and the overwhelming desire to just chalk it up to failure and quit.

But when I work with people I see potential. Just the fact that you’re willing to try is enough to pursue your dream and for me to help you get there by bringing out the best in you. As famed Motivational speaker Les Brown would say ” You have greatness in you.” Let expose it for the world to see.


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