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In order to become a master of anything you have to possess and hone various skill sets required in the perfection of your craft. In this post I will reveal how to become a super sponsor using the following six (6) skill sets.

How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets:

Becoming a super sponsor doesn't mean you have to be a superman. But it does require a number of unique skill sets and practice before one can reach super status.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets

While everyone at one time or another will need to build a team around their business opportunity, not all possess the right skill sets to get the job done correctly or in a way that bears fruit.

So I’m going to go into detail as to the attributes a sponsor would have to posses first, if he or she would be given the label or description of being a super sponsor.

To become a great sponsor in your business, you first need to be a great leader. Let’s face it. Only as you grow into the mold of a great leader can you ever hope to be a super sponsor.

Let’s take a look at the skill sets required and then I’ll go through each one in greater detail.

The 6 Skill Sets Required:

  • Relationship Building
  • Listening
  • Patience
  • Adaptability
  • Target Driven
  • Time Management

Relationship Building Skills:

I would not say that there is or must be a specific order of which one must acquire the skill sets necessary to become a super sponsor. However I think relationship building is a great place to start.

When you are building a team, whatever the reason, it begins with a common ground established between the two parties. This is so even if it is someone you already knew from before.

For the person who will build a successful business, must know that the strength of that business will only be as strong as the power of the relationship that exist between that leader and his or her team.

For strong relationships to exist, the leader must be genuinely interested in the well being of his team of recruits and they the recruits must feel like the leader has their best interest at heart.

Teamwork makes the dream work. When there are great relationship building practices in place, you can be sure that the leader of such a team will always be looked up to and do great things.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets

In other words, the leader must see his newly formed team as an extension of himself and that only as he treats them with the respect and care he himself would want to be treated can he expect a strong healthy relationship to exist and thus survive.

So building strong relationships is key for the success of any business venture and the leader who recognizes this and has good relationship building skills will go far.

So how does one create and nurture good relationship building skills?

As a leader who would eventually become a super sponsor in any business, the skill of being able to listen is of great importance.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets

The Skill Of Listening :

The art of listening is one area that is very often overlooked at great peril. You think I’m being too dramatic? Think again.

When you are looking to engage a prospect you want to become a future team player, it is as much important to listen to what your prospect has to say, even more so than what you might need to share.

For communication to be effective in any form of relationship building, then the ability of being able to listen has to be practiced.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets

Too often we feel like we have all the answers and don’t take the time to listen to what the other person is saying. We also need to pay attention to what they might not be saying.

Communication is a 2-way street. In order to be an effective and great sponsor and rank up you need to also be a good listener. This is also a pre-requisite to good relationship building.


Patience is a virtue and is often the downfall of many a good leader who was not prepared to take the time to nurture and groom their team for success. While we may want to reap rewards, we should move at a pace comfortable to all involved.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets

Not everyone moves at the same speed. It is true that some people are generally faster than others and will catch on to things being taught a lot faster.

Nonetheless, the race here is certainly not for the swift. A good leader must learn to be patient with his team. Patience is often a virtue not considered when it comes to good leadership.

I’m not in any way condoning supporting laziness or slothful practices. Yes there must be time management employed especially when doing follow ups and hitting your goals. But it must be balanced.

Not all will be able to move at the quick pace you desire. Neither does that mean that those considered too slow might be a handicap to the team build either. On the contrary.

Patience does not in any way suggest weakness. In fact it takes a much stronger individual to exhibit patience when it is due.

Success has been shown to most times favor those who are patient as it is one of those attributes found in leaders of superior adaptability.

As a leader who would go on to be tops in his field and become a super sponsor must learn to possess adaptability. Things don't always turn out as envisioned and so one must be willing to change with the tide.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets


Adaptability as a skill refers to the ability of a person to change his actions, course or approach to doing things in order to suit a new situation.

What is it that makes a truly successful leader? Leaders are entrusted with the responsibility to maximize success in a rapidly changing future. This requires vision and the ability to adapt and execute.

Times are rapidly changing all around us and we also have to change or adapt to suit the changes that are occurring. In this way we meet the needs of those we are seeking to attract and set the standard for those who will end up in our ranks.

Do remember that to be a super sponsor requires attributes and qualities that are the benchmarks of a great leader. Next we shall look at being Target Driven and I will also include Time Management here as well.

As great leaders go out building their teams one of the elements involved is being Target Driven and this requires Focus.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets

Target Driven Focus:

As you determine a game plan on how you will build your business, it is important to remain target driven and focused. If you will be target driven which just means that you set yourself a target and chase it, then you will have to know your why.

Have Your “Why” Always Before You

having and knowing what is your "why" usually keeps a growing leader hungry for success and relentless in his or her pursuits.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets

Once you have your “why” always before you, then you are not only focused on accomplishing what looks like the impossible, but your desire to succeed and achieve your goals keeps you going.

So then the question to consider strongly is “what is your why?” What is it that keeps you doing what you do? There are times when we will feel like quitting. Yes it happens to the best of us.

So your why has to be strong. Your actions should also carry a time frame so you are always performing income producing activities and not just wasting time. This is where time management comes into play.

Time Management:

Timing is everything and how you utilize your time is critical to your success. It is a precious commodity and ought to be respected. So as you take to those places where you will be meeting up with your potentially new team members focus on using your time to the best of your ability.

to be a super sponsor takes time and the selection process for finding such a person for your organization is one that must be carefully planned to ensure success.
How To Become A Super Sponsor Using These 6 Skill Sets

Remember that as your team grows, they will be watching and looking to you for direction and leadership. Lead them in the right way and you in turn will reap the sweets as will your team. Follow these tips and you’ll be a super sponsor.

So in conclusion, if you will be the super sponsor who rank advances weekly and hits the leader-boards time and time again, then you have got to be a leader that leads by example. One that focuses on the needs of his team more than he does on himself. Makes sense?

I think it would be remiss of me if I did not also mention that a very highly valuable skill in becoming a super sponsor is learning to ask the right questions.

Your team is going to be made up of customers and recruiters. How well you get people into your team will also depend on your ability to ask the right questions and to be a good listener as mentioned earlier in the post. You want to succeed in sales? Consider this other useful content Here.

Here is an article which leans towards being a successful recruiter, but features similarities with being a super sponsor. Thanks for reading my article and do visit again soon.

David Jones

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