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Branding might mean a lot of diferent things to many people, but essentially we want to have as definitive an understanding as we can about this subject.

With the cover photo above, we have a fairly general place to begin breaking it down. We know Branding consists of various components which when placed together form an amazing picture. It consists first of Vision, Mission and Values.

I’ve actually written a blog post about The Importance of Branding for your Business, so you might want to take a look at that.

My purpose here though is to start you thinking about your overall goal for yourself as you launch out into cyberspace. Your Vision. With that comes your Mission as in what it is you are hoping to accomplish through your Vision and your Core Values. These make up your Brand.

These help persons looking on to identify with your Brand and decide are you worth their engagement. I should add at this time that Branding is the way the customer perceives you. So as you look to establish and build your brand, understand that it ought to be congruent to who you are as a person, your belief system and values.   

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Vision is very important. It sets you apart from those who are just aimlessly floating in the wind. Once you know where you want to go and how you intend to get there, then you take action and set off on the journey.

You want to build a Brand that revolves around who you are and what you will be offering to the audience you will be marketing to. Your Brand is You.

Vision is about you and your direction. The Mission is your promise to be true to who you claim to be and to what your vision is for your Brand. Your Core Values also play a role as they keep you locked into a specific way of thinking and practice and this correlates to your mission and vision.

Your Mission - Possible or Impossible?

As we continue to explore more on this topic of Branding, we’re now going to consider our Mission.

In building a Brand, you must have a plan. Your goal is to be on everyone’s minds and lips even when you are not around.

What is the Mission of your Brand? What is it that you would want to promise those who would dare to follow and engage with your Brand, that they’d be encouraged to come back again and again?

This is what your Mission is about. It will also lead us into your Core Values and as you think on this for a bit, just watch the video over to your right for a bit more clarity into what one should expect from any Brand that hopes to make it big.

Core Values - Do They Measure Up With What You Say About Your Brand?

Core Value – A belief that guides a firm’s actions, unites its employees and defines its Brand. Some examples of Core Values range from Honesty, Transparency, Loyalty, Fairness, Proper Work Ethics, Equality, Sacrifice, High Morals to Positive Attitudes.

When we pay attention to our core values and how these values affect the way we think, and interact with each other you will notice they also affect our decision making processes and this also impacts our Brand. This can be seen positively or negatively depending on how our values are calibrated.

When you really think about it, our core values not only shape us as individuals, they also shape our decisions and this plays an integral part in our relationships. We want people to connect with who we are and our Brand as this is what your Brand is as I mentioned before. Our Mission is our mandate, our promise that we have made to our clients, our customers as to what we intend to offer them and to keep our word, so they learn that we are what we say we are and our Brand is what we say it is.

Once people can believe in your Brand ,based on your Vision, Mission and Core Values then they will see your Brand as one they can trust, as your promise to be to them as you said was honest, and it was transparent and you delivered. This is what makes the difference between a successful Brand and one that fails. There are 2 videos which I’ve included that spoke to me and I hope you get value as you view them as well. 

Values define what is most important to you, providing innate guidance in and influence over your choices. They also influence consumer buying decisions and affect your sales and profits because people are more likely will buy from a brand whose values are aligned with their own.

Your values are uncompromising truths and guiding principles that articulate what you stand for, and the primary driving force behind your brand, business, behaviors, and decisions.

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