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Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media powerhouses

today with over 200 million users daily. In this post I’ll share with

you how to setup your Instagram profile for maximum


Your Instagram profile creates the first impression of your brand

and is the backbone of your Instagram presence. At the heart of

your Instagram profile is your Instagram bio. It offers 150

characters of prime real estate to introduce yourself and show new

visitors why they should follow and engage with your brand. Let’s

dig in as we learn How to setup your Instagram account for

maximum engagement.

Components Of Your Instagram Bio

Before you start thinking about what to write, you need to

understand all the components of your profile. An Instagram

profile will feature the following:-

  1. Name of Account
  2. Username
  3. Category
  4. Contact Information
  5. Website Link
  6. Call To Action Button
  7. Skills
how to setup your Instagram profile for maximum engagement.
How To Setup Your Instagram Profile For Maximum Engagement

1. Name On Your Instagram Profile

When introducing yourself, it makes sense to start with your name.

Include your real brand name, of course, but you don’t have to stop


The name and username fields are the only parts of your

Instagram profile that are included in Instagram searches. That

means you can also include a variation or abbreviation of your

name, if you think it’s a term people might use to search for you,

Or you could include an important keyword that might help people

discover your account, like Jeanette374 does in the pic below

using the hashtag #fitnessmum.

How To Setup Your Instagram Profile For Maximum Engagement

2. UserName on Your Instagram Profile

This is your identity on Instagram. It’s your @ handle, and it forms

part of your profile URL ( Use a

consistent handle across social networks to make it easy for people

to find you.

3. The Category on Your Instagram Profile

If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can choose a

category for your business. This appears under your name and

can help people see at a glance what you do.

Using a category for your business can free up space in your

Instagram bio, since you don’t need to repeat this information.

However, it only appears in the mobile view, so you can’t assume

everyone will see it.

4. Your Profile’s Contact Information

Business profiles can include contact buttons that allow people to

phone you, email you, or get directions to your business directly

from Instagram.

When you add your address to your Instagram business profile, it

appears below your bio but does not use up any of your bio

character count. This is another great way to free up space for

more compelling bio information. See Photo below.

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How To Setup Your Instagram Profile For Maximum Engagement

5. Website Link On Your Instagram Profile

This is the only place on Instagram where you can post a clickable link.

You can change the URL as often as you like. You might want to link

to your newest or most important content (like your latest blog post

or video), a special campaign, or a landing page specifically for

visitors coming from Instagram.

6. Your Bio’s Call To Action

You can encourage people to take action straight from your

Instagram bio with CTA buttons. These allow your followers to take

actions like book a table at your restaurant, buy tickets for your

event, or just grab your latest E-book. A Call to Action is a great

feature to include as it merits engagement and activity on your

Instagram profile. Watch the video below from Jerry Potter of

Five Minute Social as he shows you just how easy it is to add these

CTA buttons to your Instagram Bio.

7. Skill Sets & Writing The Perfect Bio

Finally, there’s the bio itself. Your Instagram profile bio gives you

just 150 characters to explain who you are and what you do. It

should also convey your brand’s unique personality and show your

audience that they have come to the right place.

That’s a lot to ask of such a small amount of text. You’ll need to

employ some creative Instagram bio ideas to make your bio stand


Your Instagram bio is your introduction to new followers. A boring

bio is not going to inspire people to click the follow button, even if

you’ve got some great photos in your feed.

Your photos show users what you do. Your bio is your chance to tell

them who you are. This is social media, after all—it’s important to

be human.

Convey important quick-hit information about your account here,

too. What is your brand promise?

If you’re an individual entrepreneur, what are your special skills?

Are you a local business?

Is your product ethically made?

How To Setup Your Instagram Profile For Maximum Engagement

All good marketing material includes a clear and compelling call to action.

Your Instagram bio is no exception. Give visitors clear direction.

What is the first thing you want people to do after they visit your profile?

You might want to send people to a link where they can buy or book your products.

But you might have a different conversion goal in mind. Maybe

you want people to Like your Facebook page or sign up for your


Maybe you want them to visit your website. You could say,

“Visit our website,” of course.

See how Jackson Cyprian crafted his CTA for his free offer above.


I’ve taken you through some brief pointers you can begin

employing to boost your Instagram engagement and increase

followers. This is a very extensive topic, but I’ve given you the

critical components you’ll need to see successful results.

I also want to mention that in your Instagram bio, never overlook

the opportunity to use emojis in your bio. They can be so useful

sometimes in relating your story within your bio, so don’t forget to

use them when you can. Here in my bio, you can see where I use

emojis to help make the bio more visually appealing.

How To Setup Your Instagram Profile For Maximum Engagement

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