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About The Company

KaratBars is an E-Commerce company specializing in selling gold bullion and gold based products worldwide. In the event that you did not know, GOLD is MONEY. It is an appreciating asset and is can be used as a hedge against inflation and of course economic collapse.

Visionary leader Mr.Harald Seiz CEO & Founder, started the Karatbars company in Stuttgart,Germany in 2011. KaratBars is a debt free company and has both affiliates and customers worlwide totaling some 900,000 persons.

What We Do

KaratBars is a company located in Stuttgart, Germany, founded by Harald Seiz in 2011. This company provides 999.9 pure gold bullion, as well as gold merchandising, collector’s items and gift cards. 

Our Approach

Our approach is absolutely secure and we are completely transparent. KaratBars is a highly evolved e-commerce company and is definitely revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape as we know it.

   Our Mission

Our mission is simple. As coming from the lips of Harald Seiz himself, ” My mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market, make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford. 

The Path To Freedom

The following video is a short but insightful look into the life of Dr Harald Constantin Seiz, the CEO and Founder of the company Karatbars International.

Suitably named The Path To Freedom, it traces Mr Seiz’s rise to become the visionary that he is today as the top man in charge of a multi million dollar company, debt free and way ahead of its competition & peers.






Karatbars International not only features gold bullion and gold based products, we also have state of the art products for those who value their privacy. Introducing The Whim Laptop featuring VOBP (Voice Over Blockchain Protocol).


Karatbars Short Overview Presentation

In this short but rather informative video, we get a glimpse of the man, the mission and the vision that is KaratBars.

This gold based products e-commerce program is way ahead of the world having developed the world’s first digitized verson of gold and is developing a monetary system using Gold for exactly what it is. Money.


The Impulse K1 Smart Phone

The world’s first vobp (voice over blockchain protocol) smartphone from Karatbars International called the Impulse K1.  A crypto wallet, a smartphone and a minaturised bank all in one. Privacy is the new order.


KaratBars By the Numbers


$MILLIONS Invested By Owners & Even More Earned

Affiliates & Customers

Managed Eco-System. 8 Entities.

Years Of Existence

Join For FREE

Karatbars International makes it incredibly easy for persons to get the information they need and thus make an informed decision as to whether this is the right platform for one to make a business using this eco-system.

To join Karatbars is “FREE”. Just register to have your free account and while you are at it if you want to just save gold, then register as a customer. If you’re more adventurous and want to make money promoting Karatbars then register as an affiliate. The upside of doing this is that you get access to all the information you’ll ever need to know whether this would be indeed the right program for you.

SCROLL  down towards the bottom of the page to REGISTER. 


The average person in the world does not realize just how important a commodity Gold is. Simply put GOLD is MONEY. If you look at it from that perspective, then you will soon come to the position that with the way the world economies are headed that something big is soon about to drop. Yes a market crash has been predicted and for some time now. But what are people doing about it? Are they preparing themselves? Maybe they don’t know. This is the very reason KaratBars exists along with the mission CEO Harald Seiz has for the world. 


Here is the location of the the KaratBars International Company in Stuttgart,Germany. Persons are free to make appointments and to visit the offices where they can get an inside tour of the company known for producing and selling 24 karat gold bullion to customers across the globe.

The KaratBars Team

Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz

Harald Seiz

CEO, KaratBars International GmbH

Martina Tag

Martina Tag is currently the chief operating officer at Karatbars International GmbH, a post she currently holds.

Not much is found or mentioned about Martina’s history but she would be the go to person after CEO Harald Seiz in the company and as I would imagine looks after the day to day running of the company.

Martina Tag

Chief Operating Officer, KaratBars International GmbH

Thomas Valet

Thomas Valet is the current communication manager with Karatbars International GmbH. Before Thomas was the project manager but was promoted to communications manager a post he has held from Decemeber 2018 until now.

Thomas Valet

Communication Manager, KaratBars International

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Here is where you determine what your future will be like going forward. You are either going to take action and for yourself and your family preserve your wealth using GOLD as your hedge. Or you’ll do nothing! CLICK the BUTTON below to REGISTER NOW!

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Tel: 1 (246) 845-8458

For Enquiries About Saving GOLD

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