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Mentoring 101

Still Not Getting The Results You Think You Ought To Be? Maybe It’s Time To See Things Through A Different Pair Of Eyes.

What Is Mentoring? Why Do We Need Mentors?

What is Mentoring or Mentorship? According to Wikipedia, Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

The Mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored, but he or she must have a certain area of knowledge or expertise.

Some people confuse the role of a Coach with that of a Mentor and the two are very different in regard to the purpose for which they are called upon to function.

A Coach is an expert in a specific skill set and is ususally brought in to teach others that same skill set over a specific period of time until they the student can say they have mastered it.

A Mentor on the other hand has had experience in a given area or topic and seeks to be a guide to the parties requiring the same information, thus helping them to avoid the often faced pitfalls or challenges that come with the given topic of consideration.

The Mentor will guide the younger person along the way showing them the best way forward to achieving their desired goals and would be there to keep them focused and motivated to not give up but to keep pushing forward.  

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We need Mentors and mentoring because having traveled in nine cases out of ten, the road which we are now traveling, they can see pitfalls and ditches in the path that we cannot see.

And so to avoid us tripping over ourselves and wasting time and money, we often get a Mentor who will gladly show us the ropes and point us to the direction and path to follow.

There is one catch however. While we might want to achieve online success and would seek to take counsel fom one who has done it before, most times we want to run our own ship, and are therefore not in a state of mind to be coached.

If you will make the best use of your Mentor, then you have to listen to and follow the direction given and realize that he (The Mentor) has already been on the trail before.

He knows what he is doing while sadly the apprentice or Mentoree does not. 

Mentoring 101 – Let Go & Trust More

It is very scary to let go of the reins and give them over to someone who says he has been riding horses forever when you as yet do not have or have seen proof of this factoid in action.

The tendency is to not let go and as such in your mind you question every move, every piece of advice given.

I’m not saying you just swallow everything the Mentor says without asking some hard questions as you have to be very clear in your understanding of the knowledge and strategies you’re being exposed to.

Plus the Mentor should also be willing even if not usually or always able to supply enough proof of his having done what he says he has. 

All in all though, the mentoree has to prove himself to be coachable.

That is he must be willing to let go and trust more which sees him taking action more than he is ready to argue against the directed course of action.

Should you require consultation or just another pair of eyes or some clear, keen, concise advice about your next move online, then feel free to connect with me. I’d be happy to help.

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