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Bob Reina

CEO and Founder Bob Reina has a long and proud history of helping others. In fact, he’s dedicated his life to it. As a former 10-year veteran of the police department, Bob is a respected member of his community. In his 25+ years of Relationship Marketing experience, he has inspired countless people to earn a better income and follow their dreams. Bob founded QuiAri to give people a faster path to health and wealth. 

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Dr Juan Hancke

Who is Dr Juan Hancke? Dr Hancke is a Scientific Advisor- Recognized as the leading maqui berry expert in the world. Dr. Hancke was awarded a $5 million grant to study the extraordinary benefits of the maqui berry by the World Health Organization (WHO). His research findings led to his collaboration with QuiAri, developing our exclusive MaquiX™ formula. LEARN MORE HERE:

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Maqui Berry

The Maqui Berry, can be found in the Pategonia region of Chile. It is one of the highest known antioxidant producing fruits in the world and helps assist with a number of health issues. Read my blog post on this incredible fruit and its benefits.

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QuiAri’s 90-Day Kickstart Challenge is the new #1 in health and wellness. Get ready to feel better than ever before with this premium lifestyle movement designed to help you reach your peak physical and mental performance. People from all over the globe are losing weight, boosting their energy levels, and achieving better overall health.


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“Since I started on Quiari Shakes & Energy Tablets, I’ve never felt better. I can’t do without my Quiari!”

 Julie Jones – 90 Day KickStart Challenge Participant

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I have lost a total of 71 pounds in just over 90 days using the Quiari products. Now that is simply AMAZING!”

David Jones – 2K Quiari Promoter 

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“Quiari has been the absolute game-changer for me. Using this incredible product has helped me to lose over 100 pounds. I feel Teriffic!”

Adam Broker – 10K Quiari Promoter / $500 Speed Bonus 

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3 Different Product Options To Get You Started

To get started in Quiari, just select one of 2 options. Customer or Promoter. There are 3 product options to choose from.

KickStart Combo Package /Starter Package/ LifeStyle Package

The KickStart Package is for individuals while the Starter Package is for those wanting 2 months supply or ideal for 2 persons taking the challenge. The Lifestyle Package is ideally for those who not only want to use the product but also to get their business up and running. For more details  Visit My Website: 

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Promoters Love Our Same Day Instant Pay

When you join Quiari and get your business up and running we want to make sure you get rewarded FAST. Same Day Instant Pay is what we call it.

Promoters are paid within 5 minutes of each sale they bring in or as often as commission roll ups are generated. With our Quiair App on your phone , you’ll be hearing Cha-Ching each time a sale comes in. Quiari has you covered.

Get Started Now!

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Quiari Gives You Results

Hi, My name is David Jones. I’m excited to share with you my results using Quiari’s amazing products.

When I first took the challenge, I was skeptical as anyone taking something for the first time would be. But by the end of my first 6 days I had already lost 5 pounds. I started my kickstart challenge at 333 lbs, ended up losing 71 lbs and I’m still losing weight.

The challenge flat out works. The pic above is before I started the challenge. The photo you see on my website’s homepage is how I look now. I feel great. What have you got to lose? 

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