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Our Training – WHat WE Offer

Internet Marketing

Internet Mareting is the practice of conducting business via the world wide web and has become the choice of millions  because of its ease of doing business.

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Branding is how you distinguish yourself from your competitors on the web by a variety of components. Logos, Colors, Mission Statements, Mascots etc. 

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Mentoring is simply taking a person new to any venture and guiding them in the right direction for success having gone through  similar exercises oneself.

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Social Media Made Easy

The topic of Social Media is as broad as the name already implies. When we think of Social Media, the list of platforms is enormous. Snapchat, Instagram, FaceBook, Pinterest and Twitter to name a few. 

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Affiliate / Network Marketing

Even the best of marketers know that without an audience to sell to or market to then you are sunk even before you start. We shall explore both marketing models and learn the right one for you.

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Within the arena of online marketing there are quite a number of tools that marketers use to make the job less taxing so they can generate even more commissions. I’ll also take you through some of the more lucrative online programs.

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